Love & Marriage,

Goes Together Like a Horse & Carriage

Traditional Wedding Carriages for your Special Day! Arriving in a Horse & Carriage on your wedding day is without a doubt the most romantic experience you could wish for. Wine Valley Adventures provide you with a beautiful horse-drawn carriage to add to your unforgettable occasion anywhere in the Western Cape.

Our horses are well trained and the carriages are genuine vintage models. This offers you the wonderful ambiance of bygone days when life was a little slower, but a lot more valuable. Spectacular photo opportunities as horses on camera always add value for both yourselves and your guests.

You will enjoy the ease of prompt, personal, and professional service from a team that has been in the industry for many years.

Share your magical moment with us; we rent horses and carriages for weddings and engagement photos. Each carriage is pulled by one or two horses depending on requirements. We have various style carriages and breeds of horses to choose from.

Specialty Carriages