Gina and Lexi are the dynamic duo that adds a furry touch to the thrill at Wine Valley Adventures. These two lovable companions are not just farm dogs; they are the heart and soul of the adventure, bringing joy and warmth to every guest fortunate enough to share the trail with them. Join us as we delve into the enchanting adventures of Gina, the sweet old lady, and her bold sidekick, Lexi.

Gina, the original adventurer, exudes sweetness and charm. With years of experience under her collar, she knows the ins and outs of the trails, leading the way with a gentle yet determined spirit. As Gina has gotten older, Lexi, her bold and spirited sidekick has taken over more of her adventurer duties and adds a dash of excitement to every outing. Together, they create a paw-some partnership that defines the true essence of companionship on the trails.

Gina and Lexi aren’t just content with lounging around; they love to ride the quad bikes and join guests on their adventures. Picture this: the wind in their fur, tongues lolling with excitement, and ears perked up to catch every rustle in the breeze. The quad bikes become their chariots, and the trails, their playground.

For your viewing pleasure, we present a selection of Gina and Lexi’s favorite moments at Wine Valley Adventure. From playful romps in the vineyards to serene pauses to enjoy the scenic beauty, their furry tales are a testament to the joy they bring to every adventure.

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Exploring Franschhoek's Countryside
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gina and lexi

When you embark on a Wine Valley Adventure, you’re not just exploring the trails; you’re gaining two furry friends. Gina and Lexi serve as the unofficial canine concierges, ensuring that every guest feels a little extra warmth and happiness throughout the journey.

Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic escapade or a family on a quest for fun, Gina and Lexi are ready to make your adventure unforgettable. Come, experience the trails with these fur-clad companions, and let the wagging tails and boundless enthusiasm of Gina and Lexi add an extra layer of magic to your Wine Valley Adventure.