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Please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully. Note that the following is at the discretion of WINE VALLEY ADVENTURES. CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT (‘CPA’) NOTICE 

Please read the following carefully & proceed accordingly:

IF YOURS IS ONLY AN ENQUIRY AND NOT A BOOKING: Please (1) SKIP the next two ‘bullets’ (2) peruse our website at your leisure & submit your enquiry to us by completing the template ‘Enquiry Form’ & submit. However, if in the process of perusing our website or any of the hyperlinked websites you comes across anything that is not clear, please go to our ‘FAQ’ link as it may clarify what you are not sure about If you are still in a quandary, then please go to our ‘CONTACT US’ link & submit your question to us 

IF YOURS IS A BOOKING: The CPA in section 49 requires of us to bring to your attention certain aspects – we’ve done that by underlining certain clauses The CPA in section 49 also requires of us to ‘Spell out’ risk(s) of certain aspects & activities – these clauses have a ‘[..]’ next to it & requires you to initial same as read, explained, understood & accepted – if any of these are still not clear or you need any further explanation, DO NOT accept the T&C & go to ‘ONLY AN ENQUIRY’ above & follow those steps The CPA in section 41 also requires of us to clarify any ‘apparent misapprehension’ you may have – if you have such a ‘misapprehension’ DO NOT accept the T&C & back go to ‘ONLY AN ENQUIRY’ above & follow those steps

If anything is STILL not clear or your STILL have a ’misapprehension’ or FAQ has not answered your question(s), mail or phone or visit us AGAIN BEFORE completing any ‘tick box’

If you are finally satisfied that all your queries have been addressed to your satisfaction, then (1) Read the T&C, (2) Tick those with a […], (3) complete all such tick boxes including acceptance of T&C & (4) proceed.