Leonard Doesmatter

Wrangler / Yard Manager

Leonard has been with us for approximately 8 yrs and came as a young man without horse knowledge. He dug deep as he must help support his family at home.

Leonard is responsible for making all our horse feed and ensuring all the horses are safe and fed. He tacks up the horses for guests and ensures everyone is safe when mounted. Leonard is a natural rider and started riding by observing the rest of the team. We have started using him as a backup guide, which is where his subsequent growth will be. We strive to develop our employees, and Leonard has proven loyal and steadfast despite some tough years during the Covid19 pandemic. We all looked after each other to keep this ship sailing. We became an even stronger family living off the farm, and no one had to leave or lost their job. I’m eternally thankful to have Leonard as part of our dynamic team. I’m so proud of this young man and what he’s achieved. Leonard is now also a very proud father of a little girl.