Kevin Flemmer, AKA Pigeon

Wrangler, Rider & Trail Guide

What can you say about ‘my hero’ Pigeon? The Pigeon flew in about 15 years ago, hit a tree, broke a wing, and never turned back. He is very much part of the family and loves to drive me crazy. Everyone laughs at me and ensures me I could not live without Pigeon. Kevin Flemmer always likes to be called by his nickname ‘Pigeon.’ It’s a long story for another day, but rather funny.  

Kevin has a wealth of horse experience and has worked in almost every top yard in Johannesburg for some of our all-time greats in the show jumping world, including Judy & Sue Thomas, Patrice Hardy, Sue Ratcliff, Fred Searle, and Jill Payton.  

He lived with the Gary Player family on their stud farm in Colesberg and is passionate about horses. He has an incredible way with these magnificent animals and a remarkable calming effect on young horses. If you have a horse that no one can catch – send ‘the Pigeon in,’ I have no idea how he does it, but he’ll come back within minutes having caught the wild horse. Although Pigeon is getting older now, nearing 70yrs, he still rides and takes out our guests occasionally.

Pigeon has also worked extensively with us in the film industry. He’s every director’s dream to have on screen. He features in several movies just below the lead actors in the credits. His Screen Name is “SIR PRITCHARD” – Kevin Flemmer.  

 A well-loved character, a master horseman, and an extremely loyal person. Pigeon is a highly valued member of the Wine Valley Adventures team.