Chantelle Stoltz

Manager and Trail Guide

Chantelle joined us in 2022 and has become part of this family. Several years ago, Chantelle was recommended to us by a colleague I met in Limpopo while shooting a big commercial. She was told to join the Wine Valley Adventures team if she wanted to learn everything about horses. For about 2 years, Chantelle asked me to come and work for us, even for free, just to be able to learn. I turned her down every time, thinking she would need help to keep up with the pace and workload here. Boy, was I wrong! After I said yes, she called me to ask what she should bring. I said, “Travel light ’cause you might want to go home after two weeks…”   Well, now we can’t survive without her!

Chantelle’s work ethic, passion for learning, love of horses, and a great way with guests have made her a treasured part of the team. Her riding is improving daily, and she is now working and training young horses, film, and trail horses. Our guests love their time with Chantelle, proven by their excellent reviews.  

Chantelle is our most qualified trail guide with a field guide qualification. She studied Nature Management and has worked in a Big 5 Game Reserve as a field guide on horseback and game drive safaris.  

Despite her youth, she comes with a wealth of guiding experience. She leads the rest of the team, and after long days out in the field, Chantelle will even whip up a gourmet meal for us all.

A friend, a loyal colleague, and someone who has become an integral part of this business in only one year.