Horse trails – 1,5 hour Trail review

As horse lovers from Ireland, and having ridden on horse trails all over the world, myself and my two teenage sons had quite simply the most enjoyable experience ever ! On our early arrival, we experienced a warm ,genuine horsey welcome from Michelle ,swapping photos of family horses and exchanging invitations to come to Ireland to ride and us promising to return , we then met our superbly informative and entertaining horse whisperer himself, Kevin and then our wonderful, honest and lively mounts . Riding through magical winelands in the hot morning sunshine, hearing the tales of horsemanship, the histories of the horses and involvement in the myriad aspects of the equine industry and then experiencing the exhilaration of what Kevin aptly described as a ” charge “, we in Ireland would call it “a heart in your mouth gallop” was superb and the highlight of our 4 week trip. Thank you Michelle, Kevin , team and absolutely our horses especially Taj !Counting the days till our return, . Roisin, Emmet and Eoin.

Experienced on 2019-01-08